Another cut bites the dust

The Sault Area Hospital (SAH) has just announced that it plans to reverse direction on its long planned closure of 7 mental health beds, with, it seems, the blessing of the LHIN / government.

One might ask why the bed cuts at Cornwall, Brockville, Coburg (etc, etc.) cannot also be reversed.

Especially as the SAH has serious deficit problems, with their deficit running at $11.5 million. (Here’s a quote from the SAH CEO Ron Gagnon: the SAH is "among the hospitals with some of the bigger problems in the province". )

Sault Hospital spokesperson Paluzzi says much has changed in terms of health care spending and, in particular, attitudes toward mental health: "I do believe there has been a general awareness of the need to address mental health issues”.

 One might say the same about the need to protect small town hospital care.


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