More grief for the LHINs

The mysterious and hurried departure of the CEO of the Waterloo-Wellington LHIN, became slightly clearer on Thursday when she told the media that she had been forced out by the LHIN's board of directors.

This has only deepened the problems for the LHINs.  Here's the conclusion of the editorialists at the Guelph Mercury in their editorial, "Hanmer's exit proof of problem":

The brief and vague public declarations issued by the local health integration network in connection with the abrupt end of the term of its chief executive officer this week don't go far enough....The public has a right to know when key public servants leave - whether they leave voluntarily or are obliged to leave. Further, the public has a right to know in either circumstance whether they receive compensation in connection with their break from the province and, if so, how much...


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