Counting the cuts -- Peterborough gets on it

Most citizens of Peterborough and the surrounding area have been concerned for some time that huge staffing cuts at the hospital will erode patient care. Peterborough Health Coalition (PHC) has now opened a secure mailbox in the lobby of City Hall to collect confidential, accurate examples of declining care.  The Coalition plans to build a case for improvement. This mail box service was apporved by City Council last August.

The collection of information will be the sole responsibility of PHC, and not of the City, and will be kept confidential until the authors specifically agree to release the examples for use by PHC on their behalf.

The Coalition hopes that the documentation of declining care will help them build their case for adequate staffing at the local hospital. The  media will be kept informed.

Roy Brady, Chairperson, Peterborough Health Coalition can be contacted at 705-745-2446.  A editorial dealing with this initiative by the Peterborough examiner is here.  Kudos to the PHC for this initiative!


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