Small hospitals continue to lose. This time in Picton and Trenton

Small hospitals in Picton and Trenton are losing five hospitals beds to their Belleville parent.  This continues the trend whereby small hospitals (and especially small hospitals that have been forced into mergers with larger hospitals) lose beds and services.

The hospital claims the cuts aren't so bad as, while the Trenton hospital will be cut from 33 beds (at 100% occupancy) to 31 beds, the hospital will still have two 'surge' beds. As well, the original proposal was to move 8 beds to Belleville from the smaller hospitals.

(Hmmm... I suppose it would be an even better news story if the hospital had originally proposed moving 10 beds from the smaller hospitals.)

Meanwhile, the Liberal government continues to announce new money for hospitals, with $4.23 million going to help Royal Victoria Hospital in Barrie expand.


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