Hudak talks the health care the talk - but will he walk the health care walk?

Progressive Conservative (PC) leader, Tim Hudak has now referred to LHINs as a "shield for Dalton McGuinty to hide behind whenever he wants to lay off nurses or close emergency rooms."

This is certainly true.  And Hudak at least sounds as if he is opposed to layoffs and ER closures.  Here's a quote from Hudak in today's news:

“I constantly hear about young mothers waiting at hospitals for 12 hours waiting to see a doctor and we are putting millions of dollars every year into these bloated health bureaucracies" (i.e. LHINs).

But the record of the previous PC government (including Hudak) was terrible when it came to cutting hospital funding,  laying off staff, closing emergency rooms, and even closing entire hospitals.   In fact the PCs set up their own shield (the Health Services Restructuring Commission) to do the dirty work for them. 

Without any solid commitments from the PCs, we may well see the same sorts of cuts from a Hudak government as well.  The current PC focus on public sector cuts, makes this a very real possiblity.

Reportedly, the full PC program will be released this spring. 

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