The miracle of health care privatization (@ only $19,393 per family)

The privatized US health care system has set another record with the highest ever dollar increase in health care costs for a family of four.  Millman, one of the world's largest independent actuarial and consulting firms, reported  last week that total costs for a US family of four for health care is $19,393 per year.  That is an increase of $1,319 over the previous year.   

The only good news is that the annual  increase was only 7.3%  -- which, apparently, is very good for the privatized US system.

"In 2002, American families had healthcare costs of $9,235, and those costs have now doubled in fewer than nine years," said Lorraine Mayne, Milliman principal and consulting actuary. "As costs continue to grow ... the total cost of care for American families constitutes a larger and larger portion of the household budget."

Canadians cannot afford health care privatization (and neither can Americans).  

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