Attacks on arbitrators and arbitration

The failure of their advocate in the provincial election, Tim Hudak, has not stopped critics of interest arbitrators.

Today the Windsor Star (a long time critic of public sector unions) attacked not just interest arbitrators, but also Dalton McGuinty (who opposed 'finagling' with the arbitration process during the election).

The Star said arbitrators "might as well be senators" and suggested an arbitrator "thumbed his nose" at the government.

A hospital boss also got in on it.  Annoyed about an interest arbitration award, David Musyj, the boss of the Windsor Regional Hospital said, "Something has to be done to fix the system. The arbitration system is broke and continues to be broke."

The Star adds "Of course it is. That goes without saying. It's been broken for years."

In fact, this was a significant point of dispute during the election. Hudak's Progressive Conservatives advocated policies on public sector bargaining and interest arbitration similar to those advocated by the Windsor Star and bosses like Musyji.  

Their side lost the election.

The government has removed the right to strike from hospital workers and requires them to settle contract disputes by interest arbitration.  

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