Ornge air ambulance only the tip of the iceberg?

The Toronto Star concludes an editorial on the Ornge affair (where the Star revealed that the top boss of the air ambulance was raking in an incredible $1.4 million annually) that Ornge should be more accountable to the public.

...Ontarians deserve more transparency and accountability from an entity that runs largely on $150 million of taxpayer funds and provides a vital service. At a time when the health system is under financial pressure, we need to know that public money is being properly spent.

Quite right.  

But the excuse used for not revealing the enormous pay out was that Ornge (a not-for-profit entity expected to report its top salaries to the public) had set up for-profit entities.  The Star does not mention that many, many totally for-profit outfits get bags of money to provide public services and are under no obligation to report publicly.  

What about them?  Don't we also "need to know that public money is being properly spent"?

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