Cuts at the Ottawa Hospital: Almost 100 jobs to go

The Ontario government's squeeze of hospital funding announced in the March provincial Budget is hitting home.  

Yesterday, the Ottawa Hospital told the media that almost 100 positions will be cut as a result of the hospital's $23 million deficit (on a $1 billion budget).   No formal announcement from the Hospital is on their web site today.

Reportedly, over sixty positions will be cut in from the Hospital's office workers, mostly in medical records. 

The hospital claims the cuts will mean no cuts in service.  

Right.  Unfortunately, these days, that is the usual theme hospital administrators repeat  -- as they implement cuts.  (I'm betting the government is quite pleased with that line.)

The Ottawa Citizen reports the Ottawa Hospital remains unsure about its financial situation since the Liberal government has delayed telling Ontario hospitals how much funding they will receive in 2012-3.  The Citizen reports that under a best case scenario, the Hospital will get an additional 0.6% funding this year.  

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