Private sector settlements 2.1% more than public sector

The  Ontario government's report on collective bargaining agreements came out yesterday for the month of January.

Naturally it included the "agreements" for school board employees.  It also included settlements in other parts of the public sector.  Although not imposed, annual wage settlements in these other parts of the public sector were also close to zero (six public administration settlements covering 36,000 employees saw an annual average wage increase of 0.1% and ten health and social service agreements covering 4,300 employees saw an average annual increase of 0.7%).

In total, public sector wage settlements covering just under 309,000 employees will see an annual average wage increase during the life of the contracts of 0.0%. (Of course, the government imposed benefit concessions as well.)

The government also reports private sector settlements covering 17,000 employees.  Their average annual wage increase is 2.1%.

In an updated version of the same report, the government states inflation in Ontario during 2012 was 1.4% and 3.1% in 2011.  The Ontario Ministry of Finance estimates 2% this year.

Here's the kicker: the Conference Board of Canada (in their report "Embracing the 'New Normal' ") says non-union wages increased 2.6% in Ontario in 2012 and estimates they will increase 2.7% in 2013.

Photo: OFL Communications

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