Blowin' smoke?

A few days ago I noted that Ontario Health Minister, Deb Matthews claimed, "When we see hospitals close beds, that's actually in and of itself not a bad news story because so much more care is being provided in the community" (my emphasis).

It's true the government had reached agreements with the LHINs which anticipated funding increases in 2010-11 of 4.98% for Community Care Access Centres, the organizations which fund home care services.

But subsequently the government revised the agreements, and the new documents don't forecast any increase for the home care agencies -- instead they simply indicate that funding will be determined.

So is Matthews blowing smoke, or will there be funding for 'so much more care' in the community? We will see. But this wouldn't be the first time government closed hospital services and tried to disguise it by claiming, falsely, that the cuts would be offset by more home care services.

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