Barrie hospital contracts out support services

The Royal Victoria Hospital (RVH) in Barrie is planning to close it's cafeteria and replace it with commercial food kiosks at the end of February.  Most of the 85 cafeteria staff are being reassigned. Four part-time casual cashier positions will be eliminated according to the RVH.

The parking service has already been contracted-out and the hospital has been looking at contracting out the management of other services, including laundry and housekeeping.  "We are out in the market to see if there's interest," said a hospital spokesperson. "It's allowing hospitals to really focus on the core business."

The hospital is planning appreciation activities for those involved in the cafeteria. The activities include a special tea, a pictorial history through a slideshow and the distribution of recipe cards from the hospital kitchen.

"It's our opportunity to say thanks for nourishing our soul" says a hospital flak.


A better thanks would be if hospitals recognized support workers as a core part of the hospital industry. 


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