More opportunities for expanding small and rural hospital services

As part of the continuing pre-election hospital funding announcements, the Champlain LHIN has just announced funding for a new satellite thrombosis clinic at Cornwall Community Hospital.  

Currently, some thrombosis patients are given an injection in the Cornwall emergency room but then must go to Ottawa the following day to have their blood clot examined.  But with the new system, rather than drive back and forth, they can go to the Cornwall hospital clinic (staffed by a specially trained expert nurse) and see the specialist with The Ottawa Hospital through Telehealth.

The LHIN says "The program provides state-of- the-art and accessible care for patients who need timely attention."  Similar clinics has already been established in Pembroke  and at the Monfort hospital, and others are proposed for Hawkesbury and Renfrew.  The project is supposed to save $2 million.  


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