Drummond Commission will bash public services

If we needed any more evidence that Don Drummond's Commission on public services (scheduled by the McGuinty government to report after the provincial election) will be used to bash rather than build public services, it was provided by John Ivison, a columnist for the always conservative National Post

Ivison  turns to Drummond to bolster his attack on the provincial NDP and their policy to reverse some corporate tax cuts:

The overwhelming consensus is that cutting corporate taxes is good public policy and encourages investment. Capital is mobile and responds to falling or rising rates. As former TD Bank economist Don Drummond put it: "Theory and considerable evidence suggest corporate tax cuts deliver strong benefits to all Canadians."

In fact there is a lot of debate among economists over the value of spending on corporate tax cuts.  Drummond's position simply represents one end of the spectrum, a rather ideological one at that.   

Without undoing some of the corporate tax cuts, the ability to build adequate public services will be seriously diminished.

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