Ontario Police weigh in on Hudak and PCPO plans

The Police Association of Ontario has released several documents on Tim Hudak and the the Progressive Conservatives. And they appear decidedly not pleased:

"The PAO remains very concerned about comments made by the Progressive Conservative Party Leader Tim Hudak in relation to the Arbitration System. We simply cannot sit on the sidelines – there’s too much at stake."

This is unusual territory for the Police Association, but they feel compelled to speak out:

"It is very unusual for the PAO to side with one Party over another, or take a position during an election, as we recognize that we need to work with whichever political party is elected. The PAO desires to remain nonartisan. However, our concern is so great that the PAO’s Board of Directors feels compelled to inform our membership of what is very likely to occur if Tim Hudak’s PC Party is elected."

Some other election materials prepared by the PAO on arbitration (Just the Facts Maam and Election 911) also deal with other controversial parts of the PC program as well as noting the more friendly positions of the Liberals and NDP.

On this issue, the Police are right on.

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  1. Surely they (the policemen) should realize that policemen in small communities, where the cost of living is relatively lower, should not be paid as much as police in Toronto and the big cities....don't they?