Fewer layers of administration in Ontario health care?

One interesting line in the Ontario government's new "Action Plan":

"In addition to integrating family health care into LHINs, we will introduce further reforms to promote more seamless local integration, with fewer layers of administration, to ensure we have a system truly structured around the complex needs of an aging population."
What might "fewer layers of administration" mean?  That is unknown, at least to this writer.  But some have pointed to the oddity of the Ministry of Health and LTC funding the LHINs, the LHINs then funding the CCACs, and the CCACs then funding the contracted home care providers. Especially as the CCACs have been restructured so their boundaries coincide with the LHIN boundaries.

Other thoughts?


  1. Executive Lead BloggerFebruary 8, 2012 at 2:45 PM

    Read between the lines...LHINs will be reduced in size and expanded in geographic scope and policy mandate.

    This will be followed by CCACs being reduced in size to become co-terminous with the LHINs.

    Finally, the LHINs and CCACs will be morphed together enabling the promotion of seemingly seamless integration with fewer layers of administration.