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How Ontario public sector health care funding lags behind

The Ontario public sector spends less than almost all other provinces on health care.  And it's falling further behind.  

Over the most recent four years per capita spending increased 9.7% across Canada, but only 5.2% in Ontario.  With this, the Ontario public sector spends less per person than any other province except Quebec. 

Ontario and Canadian per capita public sector health care spending in current dollars

Ontario public sector spending equaled $3,952 per person in 2013, but the all-Canada average was 6.3% (or $248) higher, at $4,200 per person, according to a new report from the Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI). 

Heading for the bottom: Quebec, alone, does spend slightlyless than Ontario: $8 per year per person less.  But even that is changing.  In 2010, Quebec spent 7% less than Ontario, now they spend less than a quarter of a percent less.  

With  a policy of real cuts in Ontario,  per capita public sector spending on health care has gone up more quickly in Qu…