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Rest of Canada spends 23% more on hospitals than Ontario

A large gap has grown between what the Ontario provincial government spends on hospitals and what other Canadian provinces spend. 

Since 2004/5 the gap has grown from a mere $9.43 per person to $316.50 per person in 2012/13. 

Nine years ago, the difference was 1%. Now, the other provinces and territories (as a whole) spend  23% more per person on hospitals than Ontario does.   

That is an astonishing difference. 

Or at least the size of the difference is astonishing.   But that gap completely fits with the low level of nursing hours per inpatient in Ontario compared to the rest of Canada, the higher number of nursing sensitive "adverse events", the low level of hospital beds in Ontario, the low level of hospital admissions in Ontario, and the high level of hospital bed occupancy in Ontario.

Ontario has fallen so far behind almost entirely during the tenure of the Ontario Liberal government. 

The Canadian Institute for Health Information data goes back to 1974/75. For the first …