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Very low hospital capacity in Ontario

A key result of low hospital funding (discussed in the previous post) is that Ontario has fewer beds than the rest of Canada and far fewer beds than other developed countries.

The rest of Canada has 27.4% more beds per capita than Ontario (i.e. a difference very similar to the funding difference with the rest of Canada).
If Ontario had the same beds per capita as in the rest of Canada, we would have 39,385 beds.That is an 8,489 extra beds.
In Windsor that would mean an additional 137 beds at Windsor Regional (500 beds reported x 27.4% = 137), 71 beds at Hotel Dieu, and 16 at Erie Shores for a total of 224 in Essex.
The 35 (mostly) rich nations in the OECD average 4.7 hospital beds per 1000 population.If Ontario had that level of capacity that would mean 66,347 hospital beds in Ontario, more than double the current number.For the three Essex hospitals, that would mean an additional 937 beds.[1]
What does this mean for Ontario? Bed occupancy is very high in Ontario as a result of the lack of…