Did I hear that right?

The Progressive Conservatives are now attacking the Local Health Integration Networks (LHINs). MPP and former Tory cabinet minister Jim Wilson says:

"Invoices reveal that many of the same consultants who were getting rich off of eHealth were getting even richer by billing LHINs at the same time. In fact, one consultant who happens to be McGuinty's former health advisor, billed $80,000 to the Toronto Central LHIN at the exact same time she was getting paid $327 an hour by eHealth to, among other things, write a letter to a Liberal pollster not even involved with eHealth. This diversion of much-needed health dollars is significant. As an MPP, I receive phone calls all the time from constituents who can't find doctors, timely medical procedures, long-term care beds or homecare for loved ones. At the same time, I hear from hospitals that are facing deficits, nursing homes that want to expand to meet demand, and other health agencies that are struggling. A lot of these problems can be solved with just a fraction of the money that is being spent on the handsome salaries for executives and consultants. '

So the Tory's are criticising the government for ... (wait for it) ... wasting money on contracting out and privatization.

Well good on 'em, I suppose. But note, Wilson didn't say the Tories wouldn't contract out work to consultants and corporations. Nor do I expect them to...

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