Rerun of the 1990s?

A letter in todays Cornwall Standard Freeholder concerning proposed hospital bed cuts in Cornwall. I think these observations hold true across the province. -- Doug

Dear Editor,
The proposed cuts of hospital beds and services looks like a rerun of the 1990s, when many thousands of beds were cut across the province. By the end of the 1990s, the public in communities across the province rose up against the cuts and forced the Mike Harris government to improve funding for community hospitals like our own.

It was only because of the determined campaigns by local communities that we were able to maintain our community hospitals to the extent that we have.

Unfortunately, it now looks like we will have to do the same with the Dalton McGuinty Liberal government. We are going to have to light a fire under local members of the provincial parliament and get them to stand up and defend our local community.

I know CUPE Local 7811 will do its part. And we know that many in the local community will do their part. Together, we can keep our hospital services in our community.

Diane Morin,President,
Canadian Union of Public Employees Local 7811

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