On Rationales and Ruses

Health minister Deb Matthews said it again!  She told Ottawa media that hospital cutbacks are good for us.  This in a town where the biggest hospital is facing $19 million in cuts under the Liberal's best case scenario.   

The rationale is the same as before: home care will save the day.  This is not just the same rationale as last week's, it's the same rationale as the Harris government used in the 1990s when they were ruining hospital services.  But even they had to give it up and fund the hosptials in the late 1990s when community outrage began to peak.

I don't think this particular rationale is going to help Matthews much.  It didn't work much in the past, so why is it going to work now?  And from what I've heard, Liberal MPPs are already getting panicky... 


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