For-profit LTC providers want to become health care hubs. Where are the public hospitals?

Christina Bisanz, CEO of the Ontario Long Term Care Association (the association of the for-profit LTC homes) wants to see nursing homes become a "hub" for all types of care.   With the right kind of planning, she says, Ontario's existing homes could feature day programs for the frail elderly who have dementia or chronic diseases, "to help them to live in the community as long as possible." Bisanz said nursing homes can become "more than just a residence where 24-7 care is given."

Reportedly, in some Ontario long-term care homes, that's already happening.

While it is hardly surprising that the for-profits would want to increase their business (and their profits), wouldn't it be better if our public hospitals (or other public providers) became health care hubs?  Instead the hospital managers are turning over more and more of their business to the for-profits.

In my view, this isn't just a problem for public hospitals.  We need to see a more vigorous class of public sector managers, ones who can defend and build public sector services.  Too often they cave-in to the for-profits, ceding ground at almost every turn.


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