Is hospital funding really going down?

The provincial government has emphasized the modest increases in 'global' hospital funding for the last few years: 2.4% in 2008/9, 2.1% in 2009/10, and 1.5% for 2010/11. But there is more to hospital funding than 'global' funding. The government just doesn't talk about it much.

Global funding gives (some) control to local hospitals to determine local priorities.  But other funding?  Not so much

Total funding increased about 3.5% in 2008/9 and 3% in 2009/10, giving the provincial govenrment some money to play with behind the scenes .

The Ontario Hospital Association claims that this year the government's total hospital expense will increase 4.9%. Now that gives the government a lot of extra cash above and beyond the global increases. More than twice as much as the measly global funding increase of 1.5%.

The question is, what is the government going to use this cash for?  Good or ill?

At this point, one might ask -- why are hospital service cuts increasing when funding is increasing more than previous years?


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