The gauntlet is thrown, Jeff Leal: "It appears he has no interest in defending the Peterborough hospital."

Now here's a heck of a good question, headlining this Leftwords 'letter of the day'...

Where is MPP when hospital needs defending?

The Peterborough Examiner, Thu Jul 29 2010, Page: A4

Dear Editor,

Two articles in the July 27 edition of The Peterborough Examiner struck me as ironic: the front page article "Layoff notices for 85 RNs" and on Page 3 an article "Leal defends himself."

Jeff Leal attended the July 5 city council meeting where the Peterborough Regional Health Centre's financial recovery plan was discussed and on July 15 met with members of the Local Health Integration Network. He supported the same plan that starts by laying off 85 hard-working health care professionals.

Ironic that Mr. Leal, who campaigned on his local ties to the community, would support such a devastating plan for PRHC and the services the hospital provides. It appears he has no interest in defending the Peterborough hospital.

PETE WRIGHT Kawartha Heights Blvd.

So who is Leal defending anyway, the Liberal party or Peterborough?


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