What's good for the goose (is good for the gander).

Just as the government of Ontario proposes a compensation freeze for the public sector, the government of Ontario reports that 43,160 Ontario construction workers settled their contract negotiations, with their collective agreements effective 1 May 2010. The average annual wage increase for the construction settlements is 2.5% (according to the government of Ontario).

Good for the construction workers. That's a well deserved real wage increase.

It seems that at least some parts of the private sector are making a come back. And that is certainly consistent with Finance Minister Dwight Duncan's bragging earlier this month about Ontario economic growth and declining deficits.

In May 2010, private sector wage settlements were two and a half times the size of public sector settlements.  According to the government of Ontario.

So, as we move forward, it is worth remembering that after the last recession (in the 1990s) it took some time for public sector settlements to catch up with private sector settlements.  

Now, how much public money did government put into infrastructure spending for the private construction industry?


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