Conservatives attack LHINs for contracting out. Seriously.

The LHINs have contracted out $33 million of work to consultants. 

Fitting with their recent turn towards criticising everything LHIN, even the provincial Conservatives are complaining.

Money gobbled up by consultants would be better spent helping patients who are facing service cuts from cash-strapped hospitals, Conservative critic Norm Miller told the CBC.  "We see the LHINs as diverting money that should be going to front line health services: to procedures, to doctors, to nurses."

It is a major problem that so much gets privatized or contracted out by the current government (and their minions). A lot of money is wasted.  

But it's kind of hard to believe that Tim Hudak's Conservatives are going to do much better. This is the party that introduced compulsory contracting out in home care (now in its sixth year of suspension following repeated outbreaks of public anger) and privatized P3 hospitals, which practically breed consultants. 

Indeed, the Ontario Auditor General reports that approximately 60 legal, technical, financial, and other consultants were used for the Brampton Civic Hospital P3 (initiated by the Conservatives) at a total cost of approximately $34 million. About $28 million of these costs related to the work associated with the new P3 approach, yet they were not included in the P3 cost.

So far I haven't heard any mea culpas from the Conservatives for their dogged efforts to contract out public services.  And I wouldn't bet on them doing any better when in office.


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