The LHINs in Disneyland. I just wish that what is happening to Ontario hospitals was only in fantasy land.

The Windsor Star (not usually my favourite editorialists) has an interesting editorial today on the LHINs (and the Ombudsman report):

Obviously there are many issues the government needs to deal with. And how is it that Matthews is only now getting around to establishing standards for community engagement between LHINs and the public? Conservative Leader Tim Hudak calls these networks "unaccountable, unelected, secretive and entitled health-care bureaucracies." NDP Leader Andrea Horwath called the report a "damning indictment of a system that is unaccountable and completely unresponsive to the community whose interests it should represent." Both are right. Horwath makes sense when she calls for a full review. Marin calls the LHINs in general "defensive and recalcitrant," with an attitude that says "We did nothing wrong and we won't change." For that reason alone, the health minister must step in now.

If you need more evidence of the 'We did nothing wrong and won't change'  attitude check out this Brockville Recorder Times story about the South East LHIN.  It's like these guys wouldn't say 'cookie' if they were caught cramming one into their mouths. 

So it is really, really hard to believe that much change is going to happen.

These guys are the front men for some pretty nasty changes to our health care system, so it's likely the LHINs were never going to be open and transparent.  But at least now more people are on to that. 

And check out this story to see one more example of how hospital restructuring is going astray, this time in Kitchener and London.  Officials have been planning for years to transfer 50 hospital beds from London to Kitchener, with 56 workers moving.

"Some had already bought homes in Kitchener and their spouses had quit London jobs in anticipation of the September move.  But now officials in London and Kitchener say they don’t know when the bed transfer will occur and when the London workers will be offered the new jobs."  Pity the patients and pity the workers.

Finally, Mayor Mike Bradley of Sarnia just sent me an article indicating that one LHIN is getting leadership advice from Disney. 

I'm not kidding.  -- But, you know, in some ways, it figures.

I do, however, agree with one point Health Minister Deb Matthews told the Toronto Sun:  "The LHINs are relatively new bodies and I think most people probably don't understand the success that they're having". 

No, most people don't.


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