"We told ya so!"

A darn good letter on the McGuinty government's  introduction of the LHINs from local CUPE hospital activist, Paul MacDonald. It was published yesterday in the Toronto Star

Paul -- yes -- public sector union and community activists did do a pretty fair job campaigning on the problems associated with the LHIN model, and did so pretty much right from the get go.  And YES, it is nice to see that at least some of those problems are becoming more apparent to a broader section of the population now.

So a thanks to all the local union and community activists who got the ball rolling! -- Doug

LHIN system should be scrapped; Secret health unit meetings 'illegal,' Aug. 11

Toronto Star, Sat Aug 14 2010 Page: IN7 Section: Letter

Re. Secret health unit meetings

'illegal,' Aug. 11

Not only should these secret LHIN board meetings be deemed illegal, the entire system of LHINs should also be deemed illegal.

When an unelected, unaccountable board of overpaid bureaucrats, accountable to the health minister and themselves, decides to close hospitals in private - when in the recent past this was done in the open at board meetings - it smacks of irresponsibility, elitism and sneaky underhandedness.

Prior to the inception of this mess, public sector unions and coalitions of health care groups warned of the inclusiveness and secretivity of the LHIN boards. All I can say in that respect now is, "we told ya so!"

Paul MacDonald, Etobicoke

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