Overcrowding, cancelled surgeries and fire code violations at Sault Area Hospital

The Sault Area Hospital board of directors got a frank report on Tuesday of hospital hallways crowded with patients, fire code violations and cancelled surgeries, the Sault Star reports.  "It's a very difficult situation for our staff, but really for our patients, because they don't have the privacy they deserve in the hallways," according to Marie Paluzzi, the hospital's interim vice-president and chief operating officer.

The facility has 31 over flow beds in rooms and 10  in hallways and sunrooms.  All of them are filled with patients.

Paluzzi says the fire inspector indicates SAH is in violation of fire code regulations. "He really does not appreciate having beds in hallways."

Some elective surgeries have had to be cancelled because of a lack of in-patient beds.

Health Minister Deb Matthews has left hospital CEO Ron Gagnon with the message, "Don't look for more long-term care beds as the solution. My impression from her was that that was the last place they'd look at."

The Sault Area Hospital has a significant deficit, like many other hospitals. 

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