Muskoka Algonguin Healthcare hospital: "It's getting drastic"

Huntsville town and district councillor Fran Coleman has confirmed the area's LHIN has agreed to discuss the deficit recovery plan for the Muskoka Algonquin Healthcare hospital at the town and district council meeting Oct. 18.

“As a community leader, if the community is telling me health care is paramount to them, I think I have an obligation to listen and take that issue forward,” she said.

Coleman hopes to get some answers regarding how the debt will be dealt with. 

“It’s getting drastic. We’re nickel-and-diming it (the hospital) to death by cutting things like cafeterias and operating room hours. How are we ever going to get to the bottom of it when we’re already umpteen million in the hole?”

“We’re just oozing right now. There’s going to be one day when the artery is severed and it’s just going to gush.”


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