New contracting-out rules for hospitals and the broader public sector

The provincial government is bringing in legislation that will set standards for broader public sector organizations that contract out for good or services. This is part of the proposed Broader Public Sector Accountability Act, introduced on the 20th.  The proposed legislation would establish procurement rules, a supply chain 'code of ethics' and a procurement policies and procedures standard.

Since April 1, hospitals, schools, colleges and universities have been required to follow a provincial "Supply Chain Guideline."  The "Guideline" incorporates two principles: a Supply Chain Code of Ethics and a Procurement Policies and Procedures standard.  Until the new procurement and expense claim directives are issued under the new legislation, BPS organizations have been told to follow these Guidelines.
As expected, the government is also limiting the ability of hospitals and other broader public sector organizations to use public funding to hire lobbyists to lobby the government. 
Reportedly, however, this will not prevent these organizations from using public money to hire lobbyists to advise them on how to lobby the government. 
This, at least, will allow broader public sector organizations to access some of the expertise that for-profit corporations hire when they try to privatize services (and get some government gold).   

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