Ontario increases CCAC funding1%. More to come?

The press secretary to Minister of Health Deb Matthews, said Friday the province is planning for a funding increase for the Hamilton Niagara Community Care Access Centre (CCAC) “in the very near future.” 

The Hamilton Spectator reported  just prior to this announcement that the CCAC was cutting home care services to deal with a deficit shaping up to be in the $10 to 12 million range this fiscal year.

The government's increase for the CCAC however will only amount to$2.3 million, or 1%.  So the cuts, it seems are going to keep on coming.

The increase for homecare (such as it is) is still 1% more than  earlier reports had suggested -- and we are more than half way through the fiscal year.  But I don't think this announcement quite qualifies as a "step forward".

The 1% is reportedly part of the province-wide increase for CCACs.  The (acting) boss of the "Hamilton Niagara Haldimand Brant LHIN" reports that the LHIN has known about the new money for a month. 

Tantalizingly he adds:  “We're working with the ministry to make them aware of the pressure we're experiencing. I'm optimistic there are funding sources.”  The Minister's flack adds: the province is “continuing to look at additional funding supports for the Hamilton region.”


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