Our health care money is being thrown into a 'black abyss'?

Some of the commentary on the Auditor General's report on hospitals use of consultants is over the top.  Here's the Sun's Christina Blizzard:

For those of you who wonder why we're taxed to death, yet our health system is still an unholy mess, wonder no more.  Your money is being thrown into a black abyss to pay for well-connected insiders -- with little or no accountability.
Hmm... not really.

The cash thrown overboard by contracting out work to consultants is not big money, relative to what we have to spend on health care.  (If only health care reform were such a simple issue.)

A more promising start would be to look at the areas actually driving health care costs. Drugs, medical equipment and doctors.  Or at least look at the major areas where hospitals are contracting-out services.  And that is not for consultants. 


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