Ready to pay? As governments cut health care, US corporations move in

The National Post reports that private health care and home care "business is booming and expected to grow even more in the next decade."  And the Americans are coming:  

"The Canadian market is growing and will grow by another 25% at least over the next 10 years," says Peter Thompson, a franchise consultant with Plutus Consulting Group. There are already between 18,000 and 19,000 franchised private health firms in the United States -- a mature, saturated market, according to Mr. Thompson-- but the Canadian market is still in its infancy. That has companies south of the border looking to take advantage of the growing demand in and lack of well-established competition in the market. "The Americans are looking at the Canadian market and licking their chops," Mr. Thompson says. "It is a growing potential marketplace here."

David Millman, who bought the rights to a Toronto franchise of a U.S.-based home care provider adds, "There is a lot of demand, especially with the government short of funds now".


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  1. As this excellent Saskatchewan CUPE ad states, for-profit clinics take dollars out of patient care and create staff shortages:


    Keep health care public!