Tory leader focuses on public sector collective agreements

Ontario Conservative leader Tim Hudak told reporters Wednesday that he would make cuts in the public sector. Hudak highlighted three broad areas for cuts. He would cut the number of boards, agencies, and commissions, he would end subsidies to corporations, and he would restrain public sector union collective agreements.  

The McGuinty government has already eliminated many agencies, boards and commissions (to little fanfare) so that promise may not amount to much.  As for corporate subsidies, those should naturally decline as the recession ends (corporate subsidies are often rushed out during a recession, to prop up a floundering business sector).  Moreover, Hudak's promise still leaves plenty of opportunity for more corporate tax cuts (which is really another form of public sector expense, and one that the McGunity government has used, at great cost to the public).

That leaves restraints on public sector collective agreements.  What the Tory leader means, exactly, however, remains unclear.


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