Health care shortage hits home -- Ontario Liberals are being hit from every direction

The health care funding crisis is coming at the Liberal government from every direction lately, even from friendly newspapers.  

The Toronto Star has started a series on home care, showing how patients are falling through the cracks at a time when hospitals are discharging patients “sicker and quicker”. The Star found numerous stories of seniors denied access to home care or just given a few paltry hours. 

  • A 90-year-old Scarborough woman with dementia is told she does not qualify for home care.
  • A daughter in Stouffville begs to keep a few home care hours for her 86-year-old father who is paralyzed by a stroke.
  • In Aurora, a woman who cares for her chronically ill husband, was refused home care after she broke her back.

The series started Saturday,  and continued Sunday with more to come later this week.  Take a peek. 

It seems it never rains, it simply pours:  The Peterborough Examiner also ran a front page story yesterday detailing the trials of getting home care in that area, where hospitals services have just been cut and the Community Care Access Centre (which oversees home care) is attempting to reduce its own deficit.  


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