Superbug reporting: How many have died?

St. Joseph’s hospital  in Hamilton has begun to report the number of its patients who have died with hospital acquired infections, according to the Hamilton Spectator.

In this, St. Joe’s is leading the way.  OCHU called years ago for the province to require hospitals to release information about hospital acquired infections (HAIs).  Eventually, the province did require hospitals to report the incidence of some of the most widespread HAIs.

But the province still does not require hospitals to report patients who died with HAIs.  So here, St. Joe's deserve some recognition.  St. Joe’s is now one of the few hospitals with a broader public disclosure policy for HAIs. 

Sixteen infected patients died at St. Joe's in a 3½-month surge of C. difficle.   The outbreak ended Feb. 11.

The province should require all hospitals to report patients who have died infected with HAIs, and not leave it to  those willing to put their neck out.   With public transparency will come improvement. 

Kingston General Hospital has had a C. Difficile outbreak every month, for the last 11 months, according to the Spectator. One has to wonder how many have died.  

P.S. - Also worth a look, is today's excellent editorial from the Hamilton Spectator on this issue.

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