Windsor bed crisis, now Kenora: "The ministry refuses to deal with the fact that this is unethical."

The Lake of the Woods Hospital has now received "1A crisis designation" as it has up to three patients daily occupying temporary beds in the hallway of the emergency department.

Officials are already calling for the extention of the two-week designation that allows the 11 patients awaiting a long-term care bed to receive priority when beds open at the home of their choice.

"It's inappropriate that acute care patients are lying in cots in the emergency room," said hospital chief of staff Kerry MacDonald. "The current situation creates the worst of both worlds but we're obligated to be complicit in this unethical situation. The ministry, to date, refuses to acknowledge or even deal with the fact that this is unethical. They talk about the need to comply with the law. The law is poorly written."

Strong words.


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