Cutting surgeries no problem even as child waits in pain

Even as Queensway-Carleton Hospital in Ottawa draws up cost-cutting plans to  cut surgeries for ten weeks (with the blessing of the Minister of Health and LTC),  a child in need of a simple gallbladder operation at another Ottawa hospital has had his operation cancelled and put off for three weeks until May 6.  

The head of the hospital, Michel Bilodeau, attributed surgery cancellations to a high volume of emergency patients. Bilodeau added "We would much prefer not having to [cancel surgeries], but I can tell you that, for example this morning, we were short by 21 beds and we had to cancel surgery." 

The parents of the nine-year-old boy (who is suffering severe pain and has been taking mophine for weeks) are raising alarms about the state of health care in Ottawa, after their son's much-delayed operation was cancelled on Thursday.

"It's surreal that we had to wait so long with a child in pain every day."  The child was diagnosed in February.  The child's parents are now hoping to have the surgery done in Toronto.  

Here's my bet: more surgeries will be cancelled in Ottawa due to hospital overload, even as the plan to cut surgeries at the Queensway-Carleton proceeds. 


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