Ontario hospital central bargaining begins again

OPSEU has announced that after eight days of bargaining with the Ontario Hospital Association (OHA) for their central paramedical bargaining group, they are now preparing to take unresolved issues to arbitration.  OPSEU notes that due to government policy, the OHA could not agree to any item put forward by the union if there was a cost attached to it.  Some other modest issues have been settled.  

Arbitration dates have been set for June 11-12, with employer and union responses to submissions to be completed by June 28. By agreement, the arbitration panel chaired by William Kaplan will issue its decision by mid-September 2011, i.e. before the fall provincial election.

The bargaining process is still continuing between the hospitals and the Ontario Nurses Association.  ONA has completed four days of mediation with the Ontario Hospital Association, meeting on March 8, 15, 16 and 17, 2011 for its Registered Nurses group.  The parties have been assisted by Kevin Burkett, a respected mediator who worked on the ONA -Hospital 2008-11 settlement. ONA says the "mediation featured a lot of discussion – some constructive. During a difficult four days of mediation, we have narrowed the gap with the expertise of Mr. Burkett and have offered additional dates to mediate in April."

SEIU's central agreement expires in October.  

CUPE has a four year agreement that expires September 2013. 

More on bargaining in Ontario tomorrow. 


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