RPN and RN staffing

The Registered Nurses Association of Ontario reports that the number of working Registered Practical Nurses across Ontario has increased from 24,428 in 2004, to 27,432 in 2008, and then to 30,442 in 2010.  That is an increase of 6,014  (or 24.6%) since 2004, and 3,010 (or 11.0%) since 2008.

The RN Association also notes a significant increase in the number of RNs (6,327 since 2004 and 1,951 since 2008). But, given the greater number of RNs (93,916 in 2010), the rate of increase was less (7.4% since 2004 and 2.1% since 2008).

A higher percentage of RNs were reported to work full time, however, increasing from 59% in 2004 to 65% in 2010.  RPNs also saw an increase, but it was more modest, from 53% to 57%.

The total increase in nursing staff was reported as 15,248 since 2004.  By far the largest increase came, however in the period 2004-2008 --9,669 --  with only 5,579 new positions in the 2008-2010 period.

There was no word in the RNAO report on the changes in nursing staff in the different health care sub-sectors.


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