Ontario has lowest increase in health care expenditures

The Canadian Institute for Health Information reports that the increase in health care expenditures by the Ontario government is lower in 2010 than any other province, at only 2.4%.  The Canadian average was 3.9% .

Ontario health care expenditures saw the second lowest expenditure increase in 2009 and the third lowest increase in 2008.

Ontario had the lowest increase of any province for the three years 2008, 2009, and 2010.  The average Ontario increase over the last three years was 4.3%, while the Canadian average was 5.2%. -- Doug

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  1. That is because they have cut so many hospital beds across Ontario.
    In Niagara they have cut over 100 beds since 2009. This has led to way above provincial average ER wait times, soaring EMS offload delays and 90% of the patients being admitted to a hospital bed wait 46.5 hours.

    They (the NHS) like to brag about the costs saved, but say nothing about the human costs.

    Pat Scholfield