Are alcohol gels effective against C. Difficile?

The Ontario Ministry of Health and Long Term Care tweeted yesterday that if you have time to tweet you have time to wash your hands.

Probably pretty good advice, even if it does harp on the government's long time focus on this aspect of infection control.

But when I looked at the MOHLTC site linked to the tweet, I noticed they praised the use of alcohol gels and rubs and did not raise the issue of whether these are suitable for dealing with C. Difficile.  And, from what I've seen, at least some hospitals recommend using alcohol gels to help prevent the spread of C. Difficile.

Yet many experts dealing with C. Difficile in health care settings report that alcohol gels are ineffective when dealing with C. Difficile.

This is important as the alcohol gels are widely used in health care settings - hospitals have spent a lot of money putting dispensers around their facilities.

So why the discrepancy in advice?

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