Niagara hospital: at what point do leaders ask for help?

Sue Matthews, the interim CEO of Niagara Health System is doggedly sticking to her earlier statement that she will not to ask the province for more cash to deal with the superbug problem at the hospital.

No doubt this approach  is appreciated by the government. 

But it doesn't sit well.  

Scores of patients have been infected with C. Difficile (or other superbugs).   A significant number of those patients have died.  

The expert report on the C. Difficile outbreaks at NHS recommended the  "increases in housekeeping resources put into place during the outbreak should be maintained permanently."

And now the St. Catharines Standard reports the "outbreaks have come with pointed criticisms, including a report from the Ministry of Labour, over insufficient training of NHS staff coping with the infectious bacteria."

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