Hospital beds per capita have fallen very sharply in Ontario

At last week's (very successful) Poverty and Health Care conference, A.J. from CUPE Local 1281 asked me how hospital beds per capita had changed in Ontario. My answer is here, as promised:

1980 Hospital Beds = 63,089
1981 Ontario population = 8,625,000
Beds per 1,000 people = 7.31

1991 Hospital Beds = 47,818
1991 Population = 10,085,000
Beds per 1,000 people = 4.74

2010 Hospital Beds =30,810
2010 Population  = 13,210,667
Beds per 1,000 people = 2.33

In other words, the number of hospital beds per capita was twice as high nineteen years ago, and more than three times higher 30 years ago.

Hospital delays, cancelled surgeries, ER back-ups, ambulance off-load delays, and higher levels of hospital acquired superbug infections are all part of the 'new normal' in hospitals.

Is it any wonder?  This should be an election issue.

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