Multiple contracts, multiple bumps, and multiple problems

Problems in B.C.'s contracted out health care support services have deepened.  In March,  Acciona Facility Services won the contract for housekeeping services at the Royal Jubilee Hospital, displacing Compass.  The move displaced about 250 workers.

The displaced workers began bumping less senior employees working for Compass in other health care facilities. However, the Compass workers at those facilities will be there for only weeks before a new company,  Marquise (also owned by Compass), takes over the facilities on Oct. 1.  

Employees and the union fear that the same workers may be laid off again.

The Hospital Employees Union (HEU) is fighting back.  “Once again, we are witnessing the failure of privatization to protect decent jobs and services in our communities,” says HEU secretary-business manager Bonnie Pearson.

“And once again health care workers are facing an uncertain future for themselves and their families. It’s an unnecessary travesty that not only affects our members, but the continuity of services that is so desperately important to providing safe, quality care.”

The welfare of patients is of utmost importance to Compass, a company spokesperson says.

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