C. Difficile: outbreaks went up but cases went down?

As reported earlier here, the publicly reported incidence of C. Difficile in Ontario hospitals hit a 22 month high in May.  

But it was not until June and July that we saw a surge in reports of outbreaks of C. Difficile.   One outbreak was declared at the St. Catharines General Hospital May 28 with twelve cases confirmed.  Another nine hospitals declared outbreaks in June and July.

So it is, perhaps, odd that the rates reported to the public by hospitals in June and July were lower than in May.  According to the reports from the hospitals, the rate of infection was not much higher than average, even while ten hospitals reported C. Difficile outbreaks.

The reported rate went down again in August to 0.32 cases per 1,000 patient days, with 266 cases reported.

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