Two peas in a pod? Hudak calls for Drummond's unvarnished opinion.

Progressive Conservative leader Tim Hudak has weighed in on the upcoming report on public services from Bay Street "1 percenter"  Don Drummond: "Here's a concern I have: I want it unfiltered. I want his direct honest advice on how to control spending so we don't keep doubling the debt. I worry if we don't get it directly, it might get edited. I want the unfiltered facts."

"I worry the government may not like everything in Mr. Drummond's report. The government will ultimately control how this report is released."

Hudak (who spent time during the election calling for the privatization of public services while also attacking unions, public sector wage settlements, and interest arbitration) apparently believes that Drummond's unvarnished opinions will serve his ends. 

That does not sound good.  But given Drummond's long Bay Street background, it is probably just about right.

Hudak has written Drummond and asked for a meeting, QMI reports.

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