Drummond Commission: Cross province public hearings?

Don Drummond continues to speak to all and sundry media about the approach his Commission into Ontario public services will propose.  A Mop and Pail columnist suggests that at "the heart of the new spending model would be a much tighter clampdown on health costs than Dalton McGuinty’s government has previously forecast."

The current funding plan from the government is to increase health care funding by 3% per year.  

Drummond told The Toronto Star columnist Martin Cohn:  “There are going to be a ton of things in our recommendations that the government is not going to be pleased with.   And the public should also brace for bitter medicine: “There will be lots of negative reaction, lots of anger.”

Cohn suggests Drummond may propose health care funding increases be scaled back to 2.5%, instead of 3%. As for the other parts of the public sector -- well they face deep cuts, according to Cohn.  

Cohn also suggests that Drummond wants have public hearings on his proposals around the province.  That could prove interesting.

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